Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live IPL Cricket TVAnts Link

To watch the Indian Premier League Live matches, you need to download TVAnts. You have to take care of the following things for watching Live Streaming through TVAnts !

Search for Cricket/IPL on the Search Box available in the TVAnts application. There are 3 channels(IPLenlen is working very good) available now to watch the match ! If your TVAnts Application is taking too much time for Buffering, then Open your TVAnts application, but do the streaming on VLC player. Here just paste the following address on the HTTP Address of VLC player, it will plat fine !


1- Make sure you open the page in Internet Explorer.
2. Note the link you will find here is found from the internet.
3. Streaming will start when the match starts
.Click here to watch the match online !

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Watch Live Indian Premier League 2009
Watch it live here

Several links available now TVu player
SPVod, Flash and Sopcast links